Amazon could owe you money for their mistakes using FBA reimbursement

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How marketplace amp will help you recover your FBA refunds!

Any Amazon trader who partners with marketplace amp can recover reimbursements for Amazon errors, such as lost or damaged items, refunds and mishandled returns, and lost inbound shipments. We offer an easy, quick and complete Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) reimbursement service!

Amazon processes thousands of items and shipments daily, so even small errors in their execution can cause a heavy ripple effect on your business, draining your cash flow and profits. Let marketplace amp take the hassle out of your Amazon reimbursement claims!

Why choose us?

Easy, Quick and Complete

We summarise everything with easy steps, quick reimbursement claim fields and complete payment status details.

Affordable (No Upfront Costs)

We ensure that you get your money back from Amazon! We only charge a 25% commission fee after you’ve been paid — no upfront fees.

We Process Everything

Our Case Manager takes care of the entire reimbursement process, so you don’t have to. Let marketplace amp do all the work for you!

Some common examples of Amazon reimbursement claims

  • Lost and damaged Amazon inventory
  • Inbound goods damaged in transit
  • Refund issued, but customer did not return item
  • Failure to reimburse a return
  • Failure to return items back to inventory warehouse

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