are your amazon listings retail ready for black friday 2021?

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A massive 54.9% of Black Friday sales happened on Amazon in 2020, jumping from 24.2% in 2019! It is the go-to marketplace for online shoppers — both for those just browsing for great deals, as well as those who know exactly what they are looking for. But are your Amazon listings ready to grab their attention and make sales?

In this blog we go through the steps you need to take to make sure your listings are retail ready this year!

when is black friday and cyber monday?

This year, Black Friday falls on Friday 26th November, with Cyber Monday on Monday 29th November. If you’re in America this is an easy date to remember as it is the weekend after Thanksgiving, but as that isn’t a holiday here in the UK, we need to be reminded!

5 tips to get retail ready for black friday
— in a glance

  1. Set up your deals
  2. Update your images
  3. Include keywords in your B+ copy
  4. Utilise A+/Premium A+ content
  5. Optimise your Amazon Store
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set up your deals

36% of shoppers say the type of promotion is the reason they buy on Black Friday. Make sure your deal entices them. Another great way to grab their attention is with ‘limited time only’ bundles. Bundles and hampers are the perfect holiday gift and a great way for shoppers to save money while still making you a profit! If you need help creating the perfect promotional strategy for Black Friday and beyond, get in touch with our experts.

Fybogel Amazon B+ Content_image deck_design service_marketplace amp

update your images

Having 7 or more Amazon images helps your products rank well in the search results, as well as helping to increase conversion rate — but don’t just add images for the hell of it. Make sure they offer something of importance to the viewer. For example, add call-out images to highlight the product’s USPs, lifestyle images to show it in a real place, and recipe ideas/how-to-use guides. These all help consumers understand the product and see why they must have it.

include keywords in your b+ copy

Amazon copywriting is a skill that shouldn’t be forgotten about. Amazon offers space for bullet points and a product description that all need to be fully optimised. Ensure that your bullet points are concise, contain all the relevant product information, and include your most important keywords. Your keyword density will help with organic ranking but you need to make sure it’s not overpopulated as this will put off the consumer.

amazon listing optimisation service - scholl - marketplace amp
marketplace amp amazon enhanced brand content service - amazon enhanced brand content example

utilise a+/premium a+ content

Amazon A+ can really help to amplify your sales on Black Friday. It allows you 5 to 7 modules to add more information about your products and to tell your brand’s story. It captures shoppers’ attention and helps them to make a buying decision. Find out more about Amazon A+ here.

optimise your amazon store

Your Amazon Store is where you can truly focus consumers on your products. Consumers spent $9 billion on Black Friday last year, and you want as much of that revenue as possible! Put your best sellers and your Black Friday deals on your homepage and in prime position throughout your landing pages. Make sure to utilise ads to direct consumers to the right pages and watch the sales fly in.

To help you get ready for Black Friday, we have put together an in-depth Black Friday Prep Pack which includes a 2020 recap, checklist, top tips and more!

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