Amazon is changing the rules! Is it the right time to consider a “3P” approach?

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Join us at our next event with the BrandOnGroup on 31st March at 12pm, to find out how to turn a problem into an opportunity and how the uncertainty of the Vendor Amazon model can actually help you discover new business!

To join Matt and the BrandOn Group experts, please register here.

The European scenario is currently characterized by strong uncertainty: on February 15th, Amazon communicated to about 20,000 distributors that starting from April 15th, 2023, it will stop directly sourcing their products and will provide brand sourcing directly from the owners.

This BrandOn Focus Special Edition takes the opportunity to analyze the actions to be taken and the new business challenges and opportunities that are arising in response to this communication.

The speakers, including amp’s MD Matt Anderson, will examine business models, the relative advantages and challenges of operating with one or the other, and the variables to consider for a possible transition from 1P to 3P with the possibility of selling on over 200 international marketplaces!

To join Matt, fellow keynote industry experts, and the BrandOn Group experts, please register here.

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