5 tips to optimise your Amazon Store for mobile

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Amazon is giving businesses the power to build their brands and highlight their products in better ways. One of the main ways of doing this is through an Amazon Store. Stores can help increase your sales by up to 70% and with more people than ever shopping on mobile (over 50%!), it’s important to make sure your Amazon Store is optimised for mobile devices. 

what is an amazon store?

An Amazon Store is a multipage branded website directly on the Amazon marketplace for brands to showcase a curated collection of products. It is available to brand owners and is completely free! This is a fully immersive feature that helps brands to drive sales, showcase their value proposition and gain consumers’ trust.

why you need to optimise your Amazon Store – at a glance

  • 53.9% of all e-commerce transactions happen on mobile!
  • Gives an enhanced mobile experience
  • Keeps consumers focused on your brand
  • Introduces your brand to new customers shopping on the mobile app
  • Boosts products’ organic ranking
  • Increases sales volume
  • Maintains brand identity on the world’s largest marketplace
  • Expands your brand’s reach

5 tips to optimise your Amazon Store for mobile

  1. Product placement — feature your best sellers at the top!
  2. Optimise images
  3. Use video
  4. Utilise the hero banner
  5. Use short and snappy copy — with keywords!
  6. Always double-check your store!

1. Product Placement

On mobile there is limited space above the fold; this means that where you put your products is of utmost importance. We recommend putting your best-sellers at the top of pages to help consumers find what they are looking for and to be enticed by the products you know sell! 

It’s not just about how you put your products on the pages, but also how you organise your Amazon Store tabs. By organising your products into suitable categories and consumer pain points (what the consumer’s problem is that your product solves), you’ll help consumers navigate through your brand and to your best sellers. On mobile, this appears as a burger menu in the top right corner and will help shoppers navigate through your products.

For example, for Beauty Kitchen, we organised its products into categories such as Skincare, Haircare, Accessories, Gift Sets etc. This helped to put their range of 68 products (and counting!) into digestible sections that are easier for the consumer to navigate through.

2. Optimise your images

Amazon is starting to expand their mobile features for Stores, which means you are now able to upload mobile-friendly image options for certain modules. When these are in place, it means that one version of your image will appear on desktop while the mobile-friendly design will appear on mobile devices and the app. This has not been fully rolled out yet by Amazon but shows that they see the potential of Stores on mobile and want to help brands optimise their storefronts. 

Even if this isn’t the case for the modules you wish to use on your Amazon Store, it is important to note how your images appear on mobile. Check that all image copy is visible and readable. Any text too small to be read is a wasted opportunity to help tell your brand story.

3. Use video!

Viewers retain 95% of a message in video form, compared to 10% when reading it in text form — this is a massive increase! Not only does this show that video is more effective but it’s also more watched. 70% of YouTube videos are watched on mobile and 90% of Twitter videos are. When on mobile, people are more inclined to watch a video as it feels more viral and like social media. This will entice people to learn more about your products and your brand.

4. Utilise the hero banner

The hero banner is the first thing consumers see when they land on your Amazon Store. For this reason, you need to make sure you make the most of this space. Top things to include:

  • Your logo
  • Your brand colours
  • Your USPs

Take a look at the hero banner we use for Creative Nature. It showcases its newest products to help boost its sales and highlights the brands USPs using its branded ‘Top 14 Allergen Safe’ sticker and listing brand messaging.

Another great example is Aagrah. Here we showcased its delicious lifestyle imagery of the perfect curry with its logo and a tagline that highlights its USP. Note that on mobile the banner appears smaller to fit it on the screen so make sure any text you include is big enough to read.

5. Use short and snappy copy — with keywords!

Your Amazon Storefront shouldn’t be overrun by copy as it is a place to simply showcase all your products. That being said, it is important that the copy you do use highlights what the products are, their benefits, showcases your brand’s story and includes important keywords.

If your brand has a truly inspirational message, history or story that it is important to tell the consumers about, we recommend creating an About Us page. This will help focus your message in one place and offer the space to tell your story without distracting consumers from your products.

For example, take a look at the storefront we created for Beauty Kitchen. As we mentioned above, it has a lot of products on Amazon which are organised into categories and then an About Us page. This page highlights its mission statement and environmentally friendly process, helping consumers learn more about the brand.

Lastly, an extra tip from our design team:

6. Always double-check!

Amazon offers two types of previews when building an Amazon Store — desktop and mobile. Before publishing your store, check how it looks on mobile. Check the copy doesn’t overlap where it shouldn’t, that all images are clear and readable and check that it performs how it should! Always double-check everything to make sure what works on desktop also works on mobile devices.

How can we help?

With over 50% of e-commerce purchases happening on mobile, it’s important to optimise your Amazon Store for m-commerce. Here at marketplace amp, we have Amazon experts, designers and copywriters that can help you AMPlify your sales and optimise your Amazon listings and storefronts for mobile phones. Get in contact to find out more or follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter for e-commerce daily updates!

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