5 tips on using social media to amplify Amazon sales

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Social media marketing is the perfect way to increase sales on Amazon, as well as other online marketplaces. Each month, more than 197 million people around the world visit Amazon from a device and the number of vendors increases every day, which means the competition is fierce! When used right, social media can help you connect with your customers and drive traffic to your Amazon listings.

44.8% of global internet users use social media to search for brand-related information with more than half using social media to research brands before they purchase. We’ve put together our top five tips to help you optimise your social media to increase your Amazon sales!

1. Choose the right social platform

If you don’t know your customer or where to find them, you could be wasting valuable time on social platforms that aren’t going to convert. The best way to understand your clients is to create a buyer persona (or customer avatar). This will help you decipher where your customers are and the best way to reach them. 

Here is a brief overview of the average user per social media platform*:


# of monthly active users: 2.7 billion
Largest age group: 25-34 (26.3%)
Gender: 44% female, 56% male


# of monthly active users: 1 billion
Largest age group: 25-34 (33.1%)
Gender: 57% female, 43% male


# of daily active users: 187 million
Largest age group: 30-49 (44%)
Gender: 32% female, 68% male


# of total users: 738 million
Largest age group: 46-55
Gender: 51% male, 49% female


# of monthly active users: 400+ million
Largest age group: 30-49
Gender: 78% female, 22% male


# of monthly active users: 100 million
Largest age group: 18-24
Gender: 59% female, 41% male

*demographics from sprout social

2. Creating the right posts

Shoppers form their first impression within just 50 milliseconds, so presenting attention-grabbing visuals and writing enticing copy is super important! Your social posts should help you build your brand awareness and connect with your audience. To make sure your posts are streamlined, keep to a theme – use the same tone of voice and visual style throughout. 

Don’t just think about how your posts will be viewed on someone’s news feed, but how they look together on your profile. Instagram is a great example of this, with the grids providing a great way to play with brand colours. Here are some examples of branded coloured grids that work!

post 3 pictures at a time to keep consistent
posting 1 image at a time keeps this style in place!
posting 2 yellow images at a time will keep this template looking good, with one blue!

Make sure to direct your followers to your e-commerce listings. Highlight your products and the key USPs. Ensure that your branding continues throughout your content to your listing page to gain the consumer’s trust and focus their attention. 

Using calls to action on your posts will also help to push your audience to where you want them — your amazon listings! Use actions like “shop now”, “find out more” and “buy now!” on your posts to help direct the viewer.

3. Advertise on Social Media Effectively

Social media advertising can reach millions of people and has incredible targeting abilities so that no matter your budget, you can target your perfect customer. The first step in creating your advertising campaign is to decide what your objectives are. There are two main landing pages to use when directing traffic to Amazon, the product listing page or your Amazon Store

If you are directing traffic to either of these you need to make sure they are optimised! If your social campaign is successful in leading people to your Amazon listing but they don’t buy, this will have an impact on your conversion rate and therefore your search ranking. And without a good Amazon store, people can get sidetracked whilst on Amazon and move away from your brand. This is not what you want!

There are multiple kinds of advertising on social media: image, video, carousel, collection and even ‘boost post’. Use the results of your organic posts to decide which connect best with your audience and build your ad around this. We wouldn’t recommend using Facebooks “boost post” feature as it purely focuses on vanity metrics, pushing to a non-targeted audience to create a better reach but not offer much for return on spend.

New product launches are the perfect thing to advertise on social media. They will help gain traffic to your new listings, create sales and help to boost your ranking on the search results. Another successful social ad campaign is promotions. Showcase a current discount, lighting deal or even a new bundle offer. These give the viewer an extra reason to purchase now, helping to increase the click-through rate of the advertisement and the conversion rate on Amazon.

4. Create connections with your customers

Social media is all about connections. Not only does genuine connection help to increase your social reach but it helps you gain loyal customers! To connect with your audience, simply make sure to reply to all comments on your posts and try to make them personal. A “thank you” and “great!” can work when there isn’t a lot of time but people appreciate it when a little bit more effort is involved! Include their name, make sure to answer the question or even direct them to something else you think they’d be interested in.

Another great way to connect is by reaching out to other accounts. Scroll through your feed and different hashtags and like, double-tap, react and share posts you think are interesting. Comment on other people’s posts and tell them why you like it or what your biggest takeaway is. Not only will this help to make a community but it’ll help you reach more people and gain more followers.

Social media can also be a great customer service tool. Search your own name and products to see what people are saying about them. Reply to people — especially if it’s a negative comment and see what you can do to help that individual.

5. Measure the results

Many social platforms have their own analytics dashboard. These are great to see how your organic and paid posts have performed. These dashboards will highlight the reach, impressions, engagement, and clicks of your content. From these you can see what type of content is working and repeat! These analytics are even more important when advertising. If it is your first campaign, make sure to create a report of all of the results to create a baseline for your next campaign. 

When advertising, combining social analytics with an Amazon listing analytics tool, such as Sales Amplifier, you can track the number of visitors and conversions easily! Review the data before and after a campaign and compare the results to see how it has performed. Understanding how your advertisements perform gives you the insights needed to optimise your campaigns and to see if your Amazon listings need optimising.

When advertising, understanding your budget and how to optimise profit is the most important. There is a risk involved, as with anything that involves an investment, however, the outcomes when done correctly can’t be matched. If you need help creating, managing and measuring your social media advertising and organic posts, contact us today!

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