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5 reasons why CGI photography could be the answer

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It’s no secret that CGI has become an essential part of modern-day product marketing. Thanks to advancements in technology, digital-savvy designers are making it almost impossible for shoppers to spot the difference between CGI and real-life product photography.

But what is CGI photography and why should it be considered for ecommerce? As we launch a new CGI product photography service, keep reading to find out why and how CGI investment can boost your sales!

What is CGI photography?

CGI (computer-generated imagery) is the application of computer graphics to create or contribute to images. In the world of product marketing, CGI allows for a realistic 3D representation of a product to be made. When traditional photography is impossible due to cost or time restraints, CGI offers an ideal solution for creating attention-grabbing product shots, e.g. you need to market a product before its packaging has even been manufactured. (More on that later!)

Psst, it’s more common than you think… home décor giants, IKEA, revealed that 75% of the product images in its catalogue are CGI!

5 reasons to choose CGI over a traditional product photoshoot

1. Reduce your time to market

Do you need to prepare sales or marketing material before a new product is ready? No problem. CGI removes the reliance on the manufacturing process and any associated delays, so you can get on with whetting the appetite of your target market with dazzling imagery while your products are still in production.

For e-commerce, this means no delays in setting up new product listings. Prepare size, colour and angle variants for a consistent look across your inventory without the need for a physical photoshoot. Doing this ahead of schedule means your listings are ready for launch at the click of a button. When your new products land, simply stock the inventory and go!

2. Achieve the impossible

Real world photos in a computer-generated environment… It’s not just e-commerce product shots that benefit from GCI development. Generate lifestyle photography in any environment in which you wish to showcase your product, without needing to physically be there! From supermarket shelves to homes, gardens to desert islands, the possibilities are endless!

3. Benefit from flexibility while future-proofing your product portfolio

Export as many images as you need from any angle after the initial setup. Only one 3D model of each type of product or its packaging is required, rather than gathering samples of every product as you would with traditional photography. Once your product model has been created, different colours and textures can be digitally applied to it, giving you a ‘future-proof’ process. Perfect for packaging design updates, new flavours, colours, textures and more!

4. Capture that attention to detail

Apply special effects to give your product the ‘wow’ factor. CGI can capture textures, shadows, lighting and colours exactly as they should be. Imperfections acquired during a traditional shoot can be avoided too, e.g. packaging damage, uneven focus and lighting glare. Product images need to work harder than ever to grab consumers’ attention and beat the competition. CGI allows your products and your brand to truly capture the imagination of your audience and make a lasting impression!

5. Money-saving quality

Create eye-catching ‘photography’ without the expensive studio setup. Save on props, lighting, photographers and travel to suitable locations for your lifestyle shots, allowing CGI to do the hard work from a desktop! Your 3D product models can be reused multiple times, so if you need an extra shot, it can be done at speed at a minimal cost.

For a reminder on why having awesome packshot photography is so important to maximising sales on Amazon and the world’s marketplaces, check out our photography blog right here!

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