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Most sellers are owed money by Amazon due to a range of complex FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon) issues, such as lost inbound shipments, lost and damaged units, and mishandled returns. Let marketplace amp can take the hassle out of your Amazon reimbursement claims!

We’ve teamed up with Seller Investigators to provide a simple service that does all the hard work to recover your money, so you’ll no longer need to spend time going through all the complex reports needed to file a reimbursement case.

There is no monthly fee or sign-up fee, all it will cost you is a 25% commission on successful reimbursements, only taken after your reimbursed funds are deposited in your account. A Case Manager will execute all aspects of the reimbursement process on your behalf for a completely hassle-free process!

how can we help?

If you’re a vendor that needs to get started with trading on Amazon or a professional seller who is struggling with FBA and Amazon reimbursements, we can help.

We’re an experienced Amazon services agency helping to create, set up and optimise impactful Amazon strategies, for both Amazon UK and Amazon USA, that ensure that your return on investment (ROI) is maximised. Our team can advise, set-up or manage the entire Amazon strategy process.

Our Amazon reimbursement service helps you recover money owed due to:

  • Lost inbound shipments
  • Reimbursements smaller than item value
  • Failure to replace items back into inventory
  • Lost and damaged units
  • Carrier damaged inbound shipments
  • Refunds and mishandled returns
  • Failure to issue 20% restocking fee

amazon reimbursement service

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