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Maximising sales on Prime Day requires Amazon traders to implement high-quality advertising and content — including keyword SEO — in order to rank well and stand out from the crowd during this fiercely competitive shopping period.

marketplace amp is an experienced team of Amazon advertising and content specialists who know how to implement a profitable Amazon Prime Day strategy. We’ll guide you along the most appropriate path to success and help you amplify your sales!

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what is amazon prime day?

Amazon Prime Day occurs once a year, where Amazon and Amazon Sellers offer special deals and discounts for a limited time. Despite its name, it’s actually spread across two days, giving shoppers and sellers alike the opportunity to make the most of this increasingly successful event. It’s the biggest e-commerce event of the year, with the latest discount shopping spree generating total global sales of over $11.19 billion.

Prime Day offers exclusive deals to its ever-growing list of Amazon Prime members, which reached 200 million in 2021. Prime members spend around 4 times more than non-Prime shoppers. Across Prime Day 2021, Prime members purchased over 250 million items — 75 million more than the previous year!

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keyword research

Targeted keyword research is essential for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and a vital step towards successful Amazon advertising and content optimisation. We know how to identify what customers are searching for to find products like yours.

In preparation for the ever-growing swell of Prime Day traffic, our team researches and analyses customer search terms to identify the most effective keywords for your product listings.

amazon advertising & promotions

Advertising plays a key role in improving the visibility of your Amazon product listings, driving demand and, ultimately, amplifying sales.

Our experienced team of Amazon advertising consultants know how to implement a profitable Prime Day promotion strategy. We ensure your products get noticed by the most relevant shoppers to your brand ahead of the big day.

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amazon content optimisation

The Amazon content optimisation process involves enhancing your product listings to improve their rank on both Amazon and internet search engines, as well as increase the conversion rate for maximum sales!

marketplace amp’s team of content experts will set you on the path to success with a combination of engaging, keyword-driven copywriting, sharp images, insightful videos and structured design.

Excellent Amazon content can make a huge difference for consumers. 45% of shoppers said “high-quality images and a detailed product description” was one of the top 3 reasons they trust a product online and decide to purchase it!

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Whether you’re looking for support with fine-tuning your account performance for Prime Day or require a full Amazon account setup from scratch, our Amazon experts are here to help.

We have a proven track record of helping brands become successful on Amazon. Contact our experienced team today for a free account audit to see how you can amplify your sales!

our full list of amazon prime day optimisation services

marketplace amp knows how to make sure your Amazon account is optimised and performing at its best on Prime Day! Our account management services include: