amazon buy box

what is the amazon buy box?

The Buy Box is the white box on the right-hand side of a product detail page where a customer clicks to add the item to their basket, facilitating a low-friction sale on Amazon by enabling shoppers to make their purchase quickly. Shoppers can also purchase instantly via the Buy Box if one-click purchasing is turned on.

Numerous sellers can sell the same product, but only one can win the Buy Box. 82% of Amazon sales go through the Buy Box, and the percentage is even higher for mobile purchases! It’s essential that your Amazon strategy enables you to win the Buy Box for your products and fend off the competition from third-party sellers.

Winning the Buy Box is a complex process, but thankfully marketplace amp is here to help! We’re an Amazon Accredited Team with the expertise to take the stress out of your Amazon journey, ensuring you win the Buy Box and maximise sales!

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how does the amazon buy box work?

Amazon rotates the Buy Box between sellers, based on various qualifying criteria. These include: stock availability, fulfilment method, shipping time, price, and many more.

The lowest price doesn’t guarantee that a seller will win the Buy Box, but a higher price than other sellers may mean losing it. Combining good scores in other areas such as customer feedback and reliable delivery means you can probably price an item slightly higher than third-party sellers who are self-fulfilling orders.

The Buy Box winner can vary at any time, so traders should keep a close eye on their Buy Box win percentages within their Seller or Vendor Central account. With marketplace amp managing your account, you can rest assured we’ve already got this covered!

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If you’re a Vendor who needs to get started on your Amazon strategy or a professional Seller who is struggling to win the Buy Box, we can help.

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