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Running a successful Amazon Seller or Vendor account requires the smooth operation of numerous elements. Amazon Support Services play a vital part in successfully maintaining your account, but working with them can be a time-consuming and frustrating exercise.

marketplace amp’s Amazon account management team takes the stress out of all your Amazon support requirements, leaving you with more time to grow your brand. We provide strategic solutions and personal customer service to ensure clear communication and account optimisation.

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proactive customer service

marketplace amp recognises the importance of excellent customer service. Over the lifetime of your project, your dedicated Client Services Manager will proactively check in with you to provide progress updates and identify new opportunities for growth. Monthly meetings give you a platform to discuss your account performance, and we’ll provide strategic planning for the months ahead.

data analysis dashboard

marketplace amp’s dashboard tool streamlines all aspects of your Amazon account’s data analysis for quick-reference custom reporting. This allows you log in anytime, review your sales and see our awesome results! We also monitor your Amazon account to help prevent fraudulent activity.

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efficient problem solving

Our experienced team takes care of support cases to solve any problems that may crop up with your Amazon account. We keep on top of lengthy troubleshooting processes and support tickets so you don’t have to, saving you time and energy! Our team will keep you updated, every step of the way.

clear communication

Allow us to simplify the various channels of communication associated with your Amazon account, feeding all the necessary information back to you in a more digestible manner. We wade through the complexities of Amazon Support Services to streamline all aspects of your account, including stock, advertising, product listing pages, and more!

why marketplace amp?

Whatever stage of your Amazon journey you’re at, we can help! Our team of client services specialists know how to make your Amazon account successful. We can advise, set up, or manage the whole process.

Whether you’re looking for support with fine-tuning your account performance or require a full setup from scratch, our experts are here to help. Contact our experienced team today for a free account audit to see how you can amplify your sales!


our full list of amazon account management services

Our dedicated team of account managers are experts in e-commerce and marketplace strategy. We know how to make sure your Amazon account is optimised and performing at its best! Our account management services include: