Amazon PPC pay-per-click advertising

what is Amazon ppc advertising?

Amazon pay-per-click (PPC) advertising plays a key role in improving the visibility of your product listings, driving demand and, ultimately, amplifying sales.

PPC advertising is one of the most effective methods of getting your products noticed fast on the Amazon marketplace. However, it can become expensive and ineffective if not done correctly.

PPX is a method of advertising that Amazon uses to charge for an advertisement based on the number of times shoppers click on it. You only pay when your Amazon ad is clicked. It’s entirely up to you how much you spend on your bids and budgets, and the performance of each Amazon ad can be measured.

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types of amazon ppc advertising

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increase visibility and sales

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reveal your brand personality

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reach more relevant shoppers

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High visibility is generated quickly with Sponsored Products ads. These ads are triggered when your target keywords match the shoppers search query. They can appear on both the Amazon results page and a product detail page, within an ad carousel. When customers click your ad, they are taken to the advertised product’s detail page.

You can either choose keywords to target or let Amazon’s systems target relevant keywords automatically.

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These ads are keyword-targeted PPC ads offering automatic top of page placement. They appear in shopping results on Amazon, with a focus on creating stronger brand awareness, trust and authority across your target audience.

You have a great degree of control over the appearance of these ads, so you can truly reveal your brand personality. The ads can be used to target the customer base of your competitors in the search results, even those which consist of their brand name. Sponsored Brands ads also offer unique reporting options.

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sponsored display

This option enables your ads to appear on page one of Amazon search and on competitor pages cheaply. Reach more relevant shoppers who showed interest in categories related to your promoted product and re-engage audiences off Amazon who previously viewed your product detail page but have not yet purchased. You can also target the detail pages of specific products or product categories on Amazon.

Sponsored Display ads appear below the “Add to Cart” button on Amazon listings and next to search results. From the list of products that you add to your campaign, Sponsored Display promotes the most relevant ASIN that has the highest chance of conversion.

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