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It’s time for Amazon Enhanced Brand Content.

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Enhanced Brand Content

also known as Amazon A+

In a nutshell, Amazon Enhanced Brand Content allows Amazon professional sellers to add more detail to their product listings. This comes with great benefits, as it can help to increase sales and conversions.

Sellers using Amazon Enhanced Brand Content benefit from templates that can be used with additional images and copy to showcase your products and entice your customers. There are a few templates that Professional Sellers can choose from for the layout of the Enhanced Brand Content, so you can find one which fits perfectly for you.

Adding Enhanced Brand Content is free for Sellers, but is only available if you have signed up through Brand Registry. Our team of Amazon experts can support you through this entire process – from setting up your Amazon Brand Registry to designing the Amazon A+ as well as creating copy that helps to convert!

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marketplace amp amazon enhanced brand content service - amazon enhanced brand content example

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If you’re an Amazon Vendor, find out more about Amazon Premium A+ Content here – this can help amplify sales by 15%!!

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