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Having the right product photography is paramount when it comes to selling online.

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Sell more with striking product photography

Product images are an important factor in a shopper’s decision to click onto your listing. In fact, over 75% of e-commerce shoppers say product images are influential when deciding whether or not to buy a product online.

Why? Because online shoppers can’t examine the physical product or its packaging as they would in a bricks and mortar store. Replicating that experience in a virtual environment with high-quality photography is vital to a consumer’s decision-making process. In fact, 67% customers consider images more important than product-specific information, descriptions, and even reviews!

Photoshoots for products on Amazon, eBay and beyond

Having a suite of images available for each of your products assists shoppers in getting a deeper understanding of what the product looks like. Showing off your products from each angle, what the features are and also allowing them to zoom in on products to easily see the product in even more detail are basic photography goals.

Each Amazon product listing gives you the perfect opportunity to show off your product at its best, including its benefits and features.

The true value of good product photography

Good product photography, together with post-production, is hugely valuable:

  • Products create a good first impression
  • Achieves their sales potential
  • Reduces their returns
  • Ensures they’re remembered!

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