Amazon Pricing Strategy

Why do you need a pricing strategy?

Whether you’re a seller or vendor, getting the pricing of your products right on Amazon is essential to be successful. Working out a pricing strategy before starting on Amazon will help you to identify which products and product ranges should be added to your marketplace. However, making pricing decisions isn’t as simple as picking a low price to undercut the competition or a high price to make more money.

Pricing isn’t only a customer buying factor, it’s an Amazon ranking factor. Get this right and you can win the ‘Buy Box’, get it wrong and you risk a loss of sales to the competition.

Put it this way, if you set your prices too high you’ll discourage customers from clicking on your listings. It also means you’re at risk of losing that Buy Box to those selling the same product. Setting a product price too low also has its problems. Afterall, a low product price may help you to make sales, but if your margins are tight you won’t be making a profit.

In short, getting a pricing strategy in place will help to evaluate the profit margins associated with each product. It’ll not only assist in finding a figure that you’re comfortable with but help to identify if that price is achievable and realistic for selling on Amazon.

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How can we help?

We can help your brand to develop strong Amazon pricing strategies that don’t sacrifice your profit margins.

From helping to identify which of your products and product ranges should be added to your marketplace all the way through to price setting, we can help.

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I would recommend them in a heartbeat; they are fast to act, achieve the goals and provide excellent communication at every step along the road.
Stuart Theobald Head of Sales at SIGG UK
They are a professional agency, with a can do attitude, and experience to optimise online sales through Amazon. Great to work with, and we look forward to doing more together in this ever changing market!
Penny Maystone COO at FabLittleBag
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Julianne Ponan CEO - Creative Nature
I’ve been working with them for a couple of years on a number of my accounts, and they are consistently proactive, timely and offer excellent attention to detail. They are great to work with, and are always more than happy to help and offer guidance. I would highly recommend them for any ecommerce project.
Lucy Clarke National Account Manager at Brabantia
marketplace amp is one of the first trusted agencies to use the new Durex branding as part of the brand’s global relaunch. We’re impressed with the team’s very high quality content. So far 10/10, 100% recommended!
Emma Bennett Durex - eCommerce Content Manager at RB
Hillfarm Oils’ presence on Amazon has gone from strength to strength. The team have helped us to achieve high performing product listings. They supported us through the entire process, from set up and optimisation, through to AMS management and ongoing maintenance.
Lawrence Frohn Business Manager at Hillfarm Oils

With the gluten-free products market size predicted to be worth $43.65 billion by 2027, there is no better time for Creative Nature to penetrate online marketplaces and offer its extensive range of mouth-watering snacks!

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Hillfarm Oils produce a premium extra virgin oil made from British rapeseed. We launch and manage key products on Amazon and eBay, followed by ongoing maintenance, promotions and advertising support.

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