Amazon Brand Registry

If you’re an Amazon seller with your own brand, protecting it from other merchants and using it to reassure customers with brand registry must be considered.

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Protect your brand on Amazon

Brand registry is all about protecting your registered trademarks on Amazon. Not only does this stop other sellers from hijacking your brand, but it helps give shoppers an accurate and trusted experience.

Enrolling in Amazon’s brand registry allows you to work with Amazon to reduce intellectual property rights violations. There are many other benefits of having a registered brand on Amazon too, for example, you will gain increased authority over product listings with your brand name.

You can also take advantage of extra selling tools such as Enhanced Brand Content (allowing you to do more with copy and images) and advertising features (such as Headline Search Ads).

In short, a brand registered on Amazon has opportunities for maximised exposure, more engaging content and increased sales.

How can we help?

If you want to enrol on Amazon’s brand registry but don’t know how, or aren’t sure if you have everything that is needed, we can help. Becoming a registered brand on Amazon requires a fully registered trade mark, so if you require intellectual property services, we can arrange this alongside our trusted partners at IP21.

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