Voice to Inspire and Inform Consumers
Voice and Alexa Skills can really help to inform and inspire consumers which can help to build brand loyalty

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Utilising Alexa Skills to Inform and Inspire

Alexa Skills and voice are not just used for fun, they can have a really important part to play in the growth of your business in the coming years. With up to 40% of UK homes soon owning a smart speaker it is a great way to inform and inspire your consumers. Alexa skills provide a great opportunity to reinforce brand presence and build customer support. You know that you have a captive audience as users will have physically had to enable your skill, it isn’t like other reach or awareness channels whereby a brand can spend tens of thousands on PPC or traditional advertising.

How can I inform and inspire through voice?

You might be wondering just how a small electronic device can help to inform and inspire your customers, but inform and inspire it can! Creating a skill which provides real value to the consumer can help to build brand loyalty as well as offering useful support and information. For example, a grocery brand could use Alexa skills to provide inspirational recipes which users can follow, either through simple voice instructions or through more interactive video skills. Not only does the skill provide useful information in the form of a recipe, but it can also help to inspire users to use the product in more recipes which ultimately could lead to more sales of the product. A win-win for both user and brand.

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