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Utilising Alexa skills to provide simple yet effective customer service options.

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Utilising Alexa Skills for Customer Service

Alexa Skills can be utilised as a customer service tool to provide instant, in-home support for consumers. Smart speakers and voice assistants allow users to ask a question and get an immediate answer, reducing waiting times for traditional customer service channels such as email, telephone or even social media. What’s more, users can ask for support mid-task or with their hands full. People don’t have to stop what they are doing to find their phone or laptop, click around a website to eventual find and read support. As a result, voice provides a much more effective customer service solution with instant, hands-free results. With video skills, there is the option for users to view a help video without having to open a laptop or tablet.

How can you use Alexa Skills to provide useful customer service?

So you may have thought about Alexa Skills, but how could your brand use them effectively to provide efficient customer service support? As mentioned above, speed and ease of information is the biggest draw here. Grocery brands could use Alexa Skills to help provide information on how much of an ingredient should be added to a recipe, household supplies brands could set up skills with information on how to remove stains or technology brands could have a handy set up guide that people enable to provide a walkthrough when unboxing their new product.

Other customer service functionality that smart speakers can/will soon be able to provide includes the ability to pay bills, check balances or speak direct to customer service agents.

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