Keeping front of mind with Alexa Skills
Alexa Skills can help brands to stay front of mind with consumers, ultimately leading to greater brand loyalty and sales

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Keeping front of mind with Alexa Skills

Alexa skills can really help brands stay front of mind with consumers. If a brand can achieve the ‘go to’ status with consumers then sales will inevitably follow. Voice is the only way that customers can be reached whilst they are using your products or in the right environment e.g. while they are cooking/eating or doing household chores.

How can I use Alexa to keep in consumers’ minds?

So how can Alexa skills help to solidify a brand’s position and remain at the front of consumers’ minds? With more and more devices being connected and Alexa-enabled, this might not be as hard as it may seem. Providing a useful solution and fuss-free journey is imperative, which is where Alexa really shines.

Let’s say somebody has an Alexa-enabled mirror in their bathroom, they may have a question about hair or beauty, if you have an Alexa skill which can solve their dilemma and then potentially offer the opportunity to purchase your product through Amazon with just a voice command then you really have an edge over competitors.

Alexa can also be used to retain customers who may sway away from branded products. Taking a kitchen bin as an example, if you have a skill which provides useful information for consumers (e.g. what bin day is it?) it may also mean that those users are more likely to order your branded accessories (liners) through the device with just a quick phrase, as opposed to picking up generic liners when they next go shopping.

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